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MHL has worked with over 60 academic researchers from universities across the UK to develop the evidence base for quality of life in care homes (NCHR&D Forum, 2007).

The review of evidence explored ‘what residents want from care homes’ and ‘what practices work in care homes’.

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My Home Life Northern Ireland (MHLNI) aims to improve the quality of life for people living, dying, visiting and working...

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Best practice themes

My Home Life principles are underpinned by an evidence base.

Thousands of care home practitioners are now using this vision for quality of life to support their practice.

Eight best practice themes were identified which were then translated into a conceptual framework for use by the care home sector to inform and support practice:

Maintaining Identity

Working creatively with residents to maintain their sense of personal identity and engage in meaningful activity.

Sharing Decision-making

Facilitating informed risk-taking and the involvement of residents, relatives and staff in shared decision-making in all aspects of home life.

Creating Community

Optimising relationships between and across staff, residents, family, friends and the wider local community.

Encouraging a sense of security, continuity, belonging, purpose, achievement and significance for all.

Managing Transitions

Supporting people both to manage the loss and upheaval associated with going into a home and help them to move forward.

Improving Health and Healthcare

Ensuring adequate access to healthcare services and promoting health to optimise residents’ quality of life.

Supporting Good End of Life

Valuing the ‘living’ and ‘dying’ in care homes and helping residents to prepare for a ‘good death’ with the support of their families.

Keeping Workforce Fit for Purpose

Identifying and meeting ever-changing training needs within the care home workforce.

Promoting a Positive Culture

Developing leadership, management and expertise to deliver a culture of care where care homes are seen as a positive option.

You can find out more about all the 8 themes on the MHL UK website where each theme has a summary, resources and a DVD encouraging staff to learn more about residents’ lives and helps them to tailor their care to each individual.