My Home Life Northern Ireland

The My Home Life movement embraces the opportunity to support each other and to share resources and examples of good practice.

The approach in Northern Ireland which incorporates quality improvement is a critical component to the success of the programme.

In the quality improvement component of the programme we will work with our participants to develop a quality improvement initiative of their choice and one that is important to their residents and staff.

Below are some quality improvement initiatives carried out by previous My Home Life N.I. participants

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Pre-Admission Process

A sub-group working on an initiative to facilitate a more positive transition to life in a care home introduced a new approach to the pre-admission assessment process.

This is Me Now

This is Me Now a new approach to maintaining the dignity and identity of residents with end–stage dementia and severe communication difficulties.

Decision Tree

As shared decision making is difficult to achieve within the care home setting, one of the groups introduced a ‘Decision Tree’ to facilitate the involvement of residents in decision about life in their care home.

Community Engagement and Intergenerational Contact

The sub-group of managers targeted the issue of community engagement and intergenerational contact within their homes.

Oral Health

A quality improvement initiative to improve the oral health of residents